Our Portfolio

imgSupporting Business

We are working with UK businesses since 2004 and over the years successfully managed to formed more than 1000 limited companies and looked after their interests and supported them in business setup and management.

imgGlobal Coverage

We have strong track record of helping international businesses through our global networking and associates located in different countries. Off shore companies setup, Import/ export assistance and advice, Tax consultation, legal implication within UK and abroad.

imgRecruitment Services

We provide tailored recruitment solutions designed to suit our clients' specific needs, covering permanent placements, temporary assignments and interim projects. Our philosophy is simple - we will only put forward candidates when we fully understand the role and the culture of the business. This ensures the highest levels of quality and accuracy in our work, guaranteeing a shortlist closely matched to your requirements.

With a commitment to open and honest feedback, we aim to offer a totally transparent added value recruitment service, where we are seen as a natural extension of our clients' HR department.

imgSecurity Industry

BSMS also has the expertise and experience of providing administration and legal support to security related organizations including preparation of brochures, getting security contracts from market and making all the necessary arrangements for these purposes. Specialised Security Services, Risk Consultants and many other organizations are the hall mark for the success story of BSMS.

imgTransportation Industry

We also have the expertise and experience of arranging operator licenses for mini cab companies including making the arrangements for obtaining the contracts from the market for transport requirements.