BSMS helps businesses achieve high performance. Drawing on our ground breaking research and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses, We delivers insights and puts them into action.

BSMS is a business development and marketing consultancy which works for small businesses as well as big ones. We have experience across many key market sectors including Retail, Publishing, Media, Telecoms, Travel, Transportation, professional services, legal and many more.

Our  process supports businesses to learn how to use a participative approach to develop vision and strategy at a range of levels in order to:

position them within their arena or marketplace to maximise success;

have an organisation design that supports and ensures the effective delivery of the vision and strategy;

have described the roles required to work effectively within the organisation design;

have created the detailed work design to ensure the alignment required through vision and strategy to the delivery of high quality services to customers;

What we do

BSMS is a consultancy that offers organisations a unique opportunity to transform performance, drive up quality and customer satisfaction, whilst reducing costs and improving staff satisfaction.
We help you understand the detail of the problem you face - not just at a surface level but the root cause. We know that only by understanding the root cause of a problem can we achieve a lasting and sustainable solution.
We then help you use a participative approach to design how you find sustainable solutions and lasting improvement. We work with leaders and staff, training them how to follow the customer’s journey through your organisation.

BSMS  has the methods and expertise to help you negotiate your own journey to excellent performance. We offer you a bespoke but specific approach and methods that help build your internal capability to improve your performance issues.

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“BSMS has helped us extensively in setting up a business in security industry and I have no hesitation in saying that BSMS has expertise and experience in assisting new businesses."

-Michael McMinamin, Specialised Security Services

Strategy & Transformation

A Solid Foundation for Tomorrow
Every company's success is founded on a solid strategy. Changes in the business environment or within your company may require adjusting your strategy.
We have tools and methodologies to address all aspects of strategy development.

Complete Solution under One Roof

BSMS has expertise and experience in assisting with the preparation and execution of your business idea through the full range of service packages which will enable you to produce the desired results with complete proficiency and accuracy