About Us

A complete business solution and support provider which covers all the requirements for a new business setup from beginning till the end. BSMS is a reputable business consulting firm with offices in Croydon, Purley and Morden and many other associates offices located in different parts of London.
BSMS was founded in 2004 on the principle that consultants must measure their success in terms of their clients' financial results. Companies that outperform the market like to work with us; we are as passionate about their results as they are.

We are not scared of a challenge and thrive in competitive and aggressive commercial environments. We are energetic, forceful and well organised. We have strong strategic and change-management ability.

Whether you are a small business looking to develop your marketing plan or a major business who would welcome a fresh but experienced viewpoint on your current marketing plans, we can help.

We help our clients create value and architect change through our unique spectrum of management consulting services:

  • Customer Relationship Management /Review of the competitive marketplace and product.

  • Finance & Performance Management

  • Development of an online marketing strategy

  • A business development plan for any type of business

  • Providing marketing support/ services from start till the establishment of your business